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To inquire about collaborating with Kirsten, contact below.


Composer, Librettist, & 



"Mvskokvlke, Este'Cate: We are Still Here" (Muscogee People, Native People: We are Still Here) - Composition for Eight-Part A Capella Choir. Music & Poetry by Kirsten C. Kunkle. 

Commissioned by The Trey Clegg Singers. Premiere set for May 5, 2024, Atlanta, Georgia. 

"Inspiration of the Muses" - Composition for Flute and Piano.

Lead commissioners are Rose Bishop & Dr. Abbie Brewer, Consortium Members are Richard Gloss, Dr. Timothy Hagen, Hal Ide, Diana Morgan, Zoe Sorrell, & Sophia Nicolle Tegart. Premiere was  February 20, 2024, New Music Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, with Flutist Rose Bishop & Pianist Dr. Abbie Brewer. 

"Unforgotten" - Composition for A Capella Voice. Music by Kirsten C. Kunkle & Poetry by Dante Biss-Grayson

"Witch of November in the White City" - Composition for Soprano, Violin, and Piano. Music & Poetry by Kirsten C. Kunkle.

Commissioned by Chicago Fringe Opera for "Chicago Currents; Celebrating Chicago's Waterways." Premiere was March 19, 2023, with Soprano Kirsten C. Kunkle, Violinist Ash Fitzwater, & Pianist Mark Bilyeu.  


"Reclaim the Land" - Composition for Voice and Piano. Music and Poetry by Kirsten C. Kunkle.

Commission by Mountain Time Arts for the inaugural "Yellowstone Revealed" for the 150th anniversary of Yellowstone National Park. Premiere was August 24, 2022, with Soprano Kirsten C. Kunkle and Pianist Michael Sakir. 

Performed for New Music Chicago on February 20, 2024 with Soprano Kirsten C. Kunkle & Pianist Dr. Abbie Brewer.

Upcoming Performances for Wilmington Concert Opera on May 3 & 5, 2024 with Soprano Kirsten C. Kunkle & Pianist David Hearn. 

"Hotgun on the Death of Yadeka Harjo" - Composition for Voice and Piano. Music by Kirsten C. Kunkle and Poetry to Alexander Posey. 

Premiere was at University of Michigan, April 14, 2007, with Soprano Kirsten C Kunkle, Double Bassist Zachary Kunkle, and Pianist Patrick Harvey. 

Performed for "Circle of Resilience" at Intermountain Opera Bozeman on May 14 & 15, 2021 with Soprano Kirsten C. Kunkle, Double Bassist Julia Slovarp, and Pianist Jerod Impichchaachaaha’ Tate. 


Beginning in 2020, Kirsten began to work on writing opera libretti and collaborating with composers on projects that feature viable roles for women characters. She has multiple collaborations in the works, including the following projects:

“Speak Not Her Name: A Lady Macbeth Story”


A one act chamber opera based on filling in the gaps of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth,” with Lady Macbeth and her relationships with the Three Wyrd Sisters and Hecate. This opera delves deeply into the psyche and character of Lady Macbeth, and also gives a deeper voice to the other characters in this ensemble work.




This full two act chamber opera is based on the lives of six real life women who were part of the aristocracy during the French Revolution. Pulling on much historical fact, in this version, all of these women know each other secretly and support one another - three die by the guillotine and three live. This opera is about their stories and their legacies. Listen to the Wilmington Concert Opera Original Cast Recording and see interviews and read reviews by clicking the music button above. 

This work is in collaboration with San Francisco based composer Sarah Van Sciver.


Kirsten has recently been featured as a writer for OPERA AMERICA Magazine and as a guest blogger for the Presser Foundation.  

Upcoming Writing Projects


Untitled two act musical based on an Edgar Allan Poe short story, but it is extended and developed to give more background on the main characters, adds interesting women characters, and also enhances minor roles to add comedic levity. This work in progress is in collaboration with Philadelphia based composer Russell Gartner.

Untitled Children’s Opera in progress with Arkansas based composer Jonathan Stinson.


Wilmington Concert Opera is an exclusively BIPOC and women co-founded and run grassroots opera company based in Wilmington, Delaware. Since 2016, Drs. Kirsten C. Kunkle and Marisa Robinson have focused on bringing opera to everyone through free and accessible concerts in the greater Wilmington and Philadelphia area, as well as through online content. Wilmington Concert Opera is focused on giving high quality and collegial opportunities to emerging professional and professional level singers, with a focus on hiring locally. Kirsten serves as the Artistic Director of the company, and also handles the social media.

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