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"A Real Luxury"

"[In the] role of Frau Arabella…we appreciate the rich tone, with the shimmering colors of the soprano Kirsten C. Kunkle, [a] real luxury for the character."

– Yonel Buldrini (France) for "Blindekuh" with Sofia Philharmonic/Naxos, February, 2019

"A Constant Highlight of the show"

“Kunkle brings her outstanding singing and acting skills to her role as the mother, registering a full range of emotions in her clear and powerful vocals, on her expressive face, and in her legible body language. She is filled with impatience towards her son (in “Amahl! Amahl!,” “Stop Bothering Me!,” and “Amahl, I Told You Not To Be A Nuisance!”), desperate in her poverty (“All That Gold”), and sincere in her decision to allow her boy to join the Magi on their journey to adore Jesus (in their poignant duet in “Do You Really Want to Go?”). She is a constant highlight of the show."

– Deb Miller, DC Metro Theatre Arts for “Amahl and the Night Visitors,” December 11, 2016.


“Kirsten C. Kunkle’s vocals are bewitching and she gives a stand out performance as part of the solid ensemble.”

– Rebecca Rendell, Talkin’ Broadway for “Machinal,” April 30, 2016

"An Amazing Artist"

“Within all of the metal and harshness of the world, there was the voice calling out to the Young Woman, daring her to keep going. Kirsten is like a Siren from a dark sea, seducing the Young Woman to jump off the ship… Kirsten is an amazing artist. Obviously she is a gifted soprano with a powerful and beautiful voice. But she is also an amazing performer. She knows how to use her whole body to tell a story, not just her voice. I personally find her to be hypnotizing on stage and she is really willing to make bold choices. I always look for excuses to have her on the team.”

– Interview of director Brenna Geffers by Henrik Eger, DC Metro Arts for “Machinal,” May 11,
Copy of Don Giovanni 1 (1).jpg

"Comedic Chops"

“Her three ladies in waiting also had comedic chops to match their vocal skills.”

– Michael J. Miller, Broad Street Review for “The Magic Flute,” July 18, 2015

"Piercing  Vocalizations"

“The piercing vocalizations performed by Kirsten C. Kunkle complement the oneiric experience mourning the heroine’s struggle and introducing a mystical, almost supernatural, element to the scenic reality.”

– Katarzyna and Cain Elliott-Maksymowiczon, PA Theatre Guide for “Machinal,” April 25

"Richness Depth"

“I am so thankful to have met a woman who can bring such richness and depth to her music – I never
knew it was possible!”

– Brenna Geffers, director of "The Consul," 2012

"Resonant, Melifluous Voice"

"...A perfect vehicle for the resonant, melifluous voice of soprano Kirsten C. Kunkle"

– Debra Miller, Phindie for “By You That Made Me, Frankenstein,” September 15, 2014
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"Fiery Dark Tones"

“Kirsten Kunkle used fiery dark tones to play the dramatic gypsy woman, Zemfira.”

– Steve Cohen, Broad Street Review for "Aleko," July 22, 2012

"Powerful Soprano... will Stop the Listener Cold."

"Librettist Kunkle sings the piece herself, deploying a powerful soprano and a great sense for emotion and dynamics. Two of the top notes are so forceful and exposed that they will stop the listener cold."

– Michael J. Vaughn, "Operaville Blog" for "Girondines"  Original Cast Album, February 2023
Girondines Publicity 1.JPG

"Impressively agile... a great ability to manipulate her vibrato.

"Kunkle sets the standard with Corday, whose commentaries on the Jacobins’ Reign of Terror are thrilling and a bit lunatic. Kunkle’s soprano is impressively agile, and she displays a great ability to manipulate her vibrato."

– Michael J. Vaughn, "Operaville Blog" for "Girondines"   Mission Opera/West Coast Premiere, November, 2023
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